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1:35 Scale Wall Coping (Twice Weathered) Mould (1350084)

The 1:35 Scale Wall Coping (Twice Weathered) Mould produces concrete style twice weathered coping stones for 7mm wide walls, giving a 1.2 mm overhang each side.

Twice weathered coping has a ridge down the top middle which allows rain water to run off both sides. Typically used on garden and boundary walls where it does not matter which side rain water runs off.

Each pour of the mould will make 13 stretcher, 1 end return, 1 left corner and 1 right corner stones.

This mould will give you a virtually unlimited supply of 1:35 coping stones when used with plaster.

These moulds are made of the high quality platinum-cure silicone giving the mould an exceptionally long library life and high resistance to aggressive resins.

Number of coping stones per casting and approximate size:
  • 13 Stretcher Stones: 20.2 mm long x 9.4 mm wide.
  • 1 End Return Stone: 20.2 mm long x 9.4 mm wide.
  • 1 Left Hand Corner Stone: 20.2 mm long x 9.4 mm wide
  • 1 Right Hand Corner Stone: 20.2 mm long x 9.4 mm wide
 We recommend:
  • Good quality hard castings plaster. Some cheaper forms of Plaster of Paris may break when removing casting from mould.

Price: £7.49