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1:35 Scale Standard Flat Clay Gable & Eaves Roof Tiles Mould (1350045)

The 1:35 Scale Standard Flat Clay Gable & Eaves Roof Tiles Mould produces 1:35 scale individual Gable (tile & a half width tiles) and Eaves (short tiles).

This mould was made to be used in conjunction with the Standard Flat Clay Roof Tiles Mould.

The 1:35 scale Gable (tile & a half) tiles are used at the end or ends of alternating rows of tiles to maintain the bond pattern without having to cut down and use half width tiles. This is the method used on full size roofs when using standard flat tiles.

The 1:35 scale Eaves (short tiles) are used as the first row of tiles and provide a double lap when covered with the first row of full tiles. They are also used as the last row at the ridge of the roof. The length of these tiles is based on a 3 mm gauge (the centre to centre spacing of the battens).

This is only a small mould as you will only need a relatively small number of these special tiles.

*Please note: When you cast clay roof tiles with this mould it is the side that you smooth off that is visible when they are laid on a roof.

This mould will give you a virtually unlimited supply of 1:35 scale standard flat clay gable & eaves roof tiles if used with plaster (using some resins will reduce the life of the mould).

These moulds are made of the high quality platinum-cure silicone giving the mould an exceptionally long library life and high resistance to aggressive resins if you choose to use resin instead of plaster.

 The number of 1:35 scale roof tiles per casting and approximate sizes.
  • 12 off, Gable (tile and a half) tiles L 8 mm x W 7.5mm x 0.5 mm thick.
  • 20 off, Eaves (short) tiles L 5 mm x W 5 mm x 0.5 mm thick.
 We recommend:
  • Good quality hard castings plaster. Some cheaper forms of Plaster of Paris are too soft and the tiles may break when de moulding.
  • Powder pigments to colour the plaster rather than painting the roof tiles.
SKU: 1350045

Price: £5.40