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1:35 Scale Brick Wall Section (English Bond) Moulds (1350070)

Two 1:35 scale English Bond brick wall section moulds with an interlocking design allowing the construction of simple walls to relatively complex structures.
English Bond is a way of laying bricks where there are alternating rows of stretcher and header courses of brick.
When a wall made using English Bond turns a 90 degree corner a stretcher course becomes a header course and vice versa. This is the reason there are two moulds, one makes wall sections with a top course of stretchers and the other makes wall sections with a top course of headers.

The sections are easy to snap along the horizontal mortar joints (just score the back first) to adjust the wall section height. Each mould also produces two short sections which are used to make short sections or adjust wall lengths and two Queen Closer (1/4 brick) end section which are used at wall ends and corners.
*Please note: The very narrow section will break when removing it from the mould. It will however break along a mortar joint so the pieces can be easily reassembled.

A few tips on using this mould:
  • Use the glass/plastic method to smooth off the plaster after filling the mould (see beginners guide on the tips & guides page).
  • Once removed from the mould, place a weight onto the large wall section until it has dried out to stop any distortion.
  • Run a small flat file around the smoothed off side of the cast wall sections to remove any flash before assembly (do this even if you cannot see any flash).
  • Use a water resistant/proof PVA type glue to assemble parts.
  • The sections are 3.25mm thick so will need a 0.5mm packer between sections when fitting them back to back to form one brick thick walls. We recommend 0.4mm ply as this is normally actually 0.5mm. See the Noville School Diorama walk through for more details.
  • Wet the wall sections with water before filling the gaps between the bricks with mortar coloured Polyfilla (this is why it is advisable to use water resistant glue).
  • If you want to make the bricks look older, put some sand on a cutting mat and rub the cast wall section on it before sticking together.

We recommend:
  • Good quality hard castings plaster.
  • Powder pigments to colour the plaster.
  • The wall sections in the images were cast using Terracotta Casting Plaster with Iron. When filling the mould, some black powder pigment was randomly mixed in.
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